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Concrete Steps & Sidewalk

big house with cement staircase

At Bloomington Concrete Contractors Co, we help our clients create the highest quality concrete fixtures no matter what it is that they want. We get the most out of the material, always using the finest products and applying the highest caliber design. Particularly when it comes to things like flatwork and paving, we create durable, lasting, and affordable installations, based on our customers' needs. So, if you have been hoping to install something like a path or sidewalk, you know you can always count on us. And, with the addition of our great options in step and stair installations, you can bet that you can depend on us to design walkways for any kind of space or terrain. Simply give us a call with your needs and ideas, and we know that there will be something we can do for you.


Sidewalks and Pathways 

You can depend on us for all your needs in sidewalk and pathway installation. Whether you are intending to construct one in a residential or commercial space, we can supply you with all the assistance you need. Our team is happy to customize any fixture for our clients, to better deliver on your requirements. Be it for a simple public road sidewalk or a detailed backyard path, you can count on the skills and abilities of our team. So, speak to us about your needs today and leave us to handle the rest.


Concrete Steps 

If you have been planning to construct any type of concrete path or sidewalk over sloped or irregular terrain, it is always a wise plan to install steps. You wouldn’t want to create an inconvenient walkway that is difficult for people to traverse. You want to ensure the simplest and most comfortable experience every time. That is why you should come to us to install concrete steps. Steps will make every venture much easier and ensure that you can use your walkway in the precise way that it is intended.


Concrete Stairs 

Our team is also capable of fitting concrete stairs for you if they are to your liking. When stairs are built out of concrete, they are always strong and secure, and can even be used to create a uniquely stylish interior feature. And, our team is able to deliver every single style to you. Whether you want modern floating concrete stairs or you want simple industrial stairs, you can rely on us to realize them for you.


Concrete Parking Lot 

In addition to these concrete flatwork and paving services, we can also supply you with comprehensive solutions in concrete parking lot installation. Concrete parking lots offer many benefits that you cannot achieve with asphalt. You’ll be able to create a much more durable and potentially longer-lasting fixture, for an incredibly affordable price. All you need to do is speak to our team about your car parking plans and you can trust that we will be able to bring it to life for you.

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