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Concrete is a material that we are all familiar with. It is known for its favorable properties, robustness, reliability, and affordability. This makes it perfect for construction and property improvements in residential and commercial spaces. However, not all concrete is the same. Many companies offer inferior solutions, materials and do not live up to the high levels you should look for when you need professional services.

So, when you are considering exploring ways to use it for yourself, you need to seek the best. It would help if you had the support of expert concrete contractors who know what it means to deliver high standards. They should use the most delicate blend of concrete effectively to comply with your unique needs. So, when you are looking for excellent concrete services in Bloomington, IN, you need to be coming to us at Bloomington Concrete Contractors Co.

Whether you are looking for a personalized installation, repairs, or resurfacing for your existing fixture, we can promise it to you. We are your one-stop-shop for all things concrete, able to deliver on any requests. From simple installations to detailed decorative designs, we cover every aspect of our industry. You can rely on us from every type of fixture, including retaining walls, patios, driveways, and more. There is no job in concrete we cannot do for you.

For your reference, here are the concrete services that we currently offer:

Concrete Driveway

Your driveway is an integral part of your property. It connects your home to the street and allows you to park your vehicles safely. Often, homeowners do not think so much about their driveways. But, if you think about it, driveways are one of the first few things people see on your property. Thus, give it a thought and choose the right materials in building one. One, if not the most reliable material for driveways, is concrete.

Concrete driveways are sturdy and long-lasting. Using high-quality concrete mix and other materials, plus the impeccable skills of our people, our company can provide you with the concrete driveway of your dreams. With concrete prices, we charge the most friendly prices (on a per square foot basis) in the Bloomington, IN, area.

Concrete Patio

Concrete patios are great additions to your property's overall curb appeal. At Bloomington Concrete Contractors Co, we make the concrete patio of your dreams come true. We use high-end ready-mix concrete to ensure outstanding quality results. As an expert concrete contractor, you can rely on us for your concrete patio needs. We provide an array of services, including the installation of patios, paths, and walkways, and pool surrounds. For budget-savvy individuals, you can hire us to do stamped concrete patio as well. Through this process, we get to mimic more expensive materials such as natural stone, brick, wood, or tile. Jazz your patio up by choosing your choice of color, pattern, or texture.

Depending on your preference, we have different concrete patio finishes to choose from. Our list includes:

  • Stamped Concrete
  • Broom Finish
  • Concrete Pavers
  • Trowel Finish
  • Exposed Aggregate

No matter what you choose, we have qualified concrete experts to do it for you. We bet you will never regret hiring us for such a project.

Stamped Concrete & Decorative Concrete

We are a popular concrete company in the Bloomington, IN area because of our tremendous work outputs. In every concrete project we do, we always give our best. Thus, the results are world-class. Apart from usual concrete projects, people in the area know us for our impeccable concrete stamping skills. Through stamped concrete and decorative concrete, we get to turn a plain concrete slab into something more. Depending on your preference, we have various colors, textures, and colors to choose from. We do custom design as well if you want a more personalized one. Our stamped concrete costs are cheaper than our competitors. With us, you get to enjoy quality work at an affordable concrete cost.

Concrete Steps & Sidewalk

Often neglected, concrete steps and sidewalks are essential parts of our homes. They help connect us from point A to B. With our company's concrete steps and sidewalk services, you can be confident of high-quality results. We build long-lasting steps made of industry-standard concrete slabs. For stronger foundation and support, we put wire mesh and steel bars. As part of the installation process, we make concrete forms to ensure we deliver the shape or design you want.

Now, don't worry about how much concrete steps or sidewalks cost. At Bloomington Concrete Contractors Co, our concrete cost way cheaper than our competitors. Yes, you get quality work at very reasonable prices.

Concrete Retaining Walls

Retaining walls and foundation walls are not your typical wall. The former helps protect your property from soil erosion. The latter supports the entire structure. Thus, you need an expert to help determine what your property needs. That is where we get in the picture. Once you hire us, our dedicated concrete experts go to the job site to assess it. Using a concrete calculator, we calculate how many cubic yards or cubic feet of concrete we need to provide you with a robust and long-lasting retaining wall. We also calculate the square inch of thickness of the wall needs to be. Meanwhile, to ensure outstanding results, we pour concrete using a concrete truck. We have a process to know what works for your property. We install not only because you say so. As a company, we take responsibility for providing you with solutions that last.

Epoxy Garage Floor

Garage floors made of a concrete slab are already sturdy enough. But, by applying epoxy, it becomes more robust and long-lasting. It also makes the concrete surface resistant to stains, chemical spills, and heat. Thus, making an ideal choice for your garage floor. Epoxy garage floors are also decorative. Our companies offer various colors and patterns to choose from so you can turn your simple concrete slab into an edgier epoxy floor. We use high-quality epoxies to ensure outstanding results. As with cost, we charge based on the national average cost.

Hire Us Today

At Bloomington Concrete Contractors Co, we got you covered. No matter what your concrete needs are, we will deliver. By hiring us for your concrete project, you get to enjoy the following perks:

World-Class Concrete Project

We are a concrete company that provides five-star quality concrete services. To ensure outstanding results, we implement a strict concrete installation process. Our process includes knowing how many cubic yards of concrete we need to the actual pouring concrete to curing. Unlike other concrete companies, you can rely on us to deliver as promised. We take your own concrete project seriously, we make sure it's flawless as it should.

Durable and Long-Lasting Concrete Slab

Our company is known for its caliber with concrete installations and resurfacing. Since we started, we have been providing nothing but outstanding results. To ensure durability and longevity across all our concrete projects, we make sure that the ratio of ingredients is calculated properly. Using a concrete calculator, we determine how many concrete we need per cubic yard. We calculate how many bags of ready mix concrete delivered the project requires avoiding too much leftover concrete.

Industry-Standard Concrete Materials

We order concrete mix and other concrete materials like Portland cement only from reliable suppliers and manufacturers. We partner with concrete delivery companies to ensure the ready mix concrete or pre-mixed concrete bags are in good condition once it arrives on site. While we use ready mixed concrete most of the time, we customize concrete as well. Using a cement mixer, we customize the concrete mix as required.

Affordable Cost of Concrete Services

The cost of concrete services varies across concrete companies. Our prices vary depending on factors like size of the project, type of project, design, materials, and location. The good news is, we at Bloomington Concrete Contractors Co offer the most competitive prices in town. We base our concrete cost on a per square foot. It is within the allowable concrete price in the area.

Free Cost Estimates

Our company provides free quotations to help our clients compare concrete prices. We understand the importance of knowing how much you'd spend on a project. That is why we are here to help. We have a pool of expert cost estimators to provide you with a realistic cost estimate. Depending on the project, we could base our estimates on a per cubic yard or per square foot. Don't worry about commitments. We give our free estimates without strings attached.

Contact Us

No matter what your concrete services needs are, you can count on our team. Contact us today and let us help you. You can reach us via our customer hotline or by sending an online message using the contact form on our website. We are available daily during business hours to answer calls and online inquiries. We can't wait to hear from you!

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