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Stamped Concrete & Decorative Concrete

walkway with cement flooring

One of the greatest benefits of choosing to use concrete for your next construction or installation project is the wide variety of options for customization. No other kind of material can be customized so easily and offer you so much in return. You can take simple, dull concrete and use it to create something striking and vibrant in the style of your choosing. For example, you could add color or shine to your installation through concrete pigments and polishing solutions. Equally, you could create interesting patterns and designs on the surface with stamps and textures. There truly is an eclectic assortment of decorative options you can explore and here, at Bloomington Concrete Contractors Co, we can help you take advantage of each one.


Stamped Concrete 

Stamped concrete is one of the most popular ways to improve concrete. Used to create patterns or recreate the appearances of other premium building materials, it can completely transform any fixture. You can turn a boring flat surface into a stylish tiled or masonry one, without needing to match their high prices. That means that you can develop some truly stunning aesthetics for a minimal cost, which will no doubt add plenty of quality to your property. So, if you would like to explore what concrete stamping could do for your patio, walkway, or anything else, give us a call today.


Colored Concrete 

You may also wish to add more color to your concrete installation. Alone, concrete can be gray and dull, which simply doesn’t work for some people. However, when you add pigments and dyes to the material, you can turn it into something attractive and unique. Colored concrete always makes a bigger impact and can help you create the appearance that you really want. All you need to do is let us know what kinds of tone or hue you wish to use, and you can trust us to apply it effectively.


Textured Concrete 

Or, if you would rather add more detail to the feel of your concrete surface, maybe texturing is the way to go. There are countless ways that you can texture your concrete, and each is guaranteed to deliver a distinct finish. You can add brush strokes, swirls, salt-look finishes, and even detailed troweling to your concrete to give it a touch more character and interest. There are plenty of different styles you can discover, and we can offer each one to you. So, discuss your ideas with a member of our team and we don’t doubt we’d be capable of delivering.


Polished Concrete

And, to create a sleek, bright finish on your concrete, you can always take advantage of polishing. Polished concrete always looks cleaner and more vivid, reflecting light and removing the roughness of any blemishes. It helps to create a better-looking and feeling installation, which could be the perfect thing for your home or workplace. So, if you think that a polished installation would be right for you, let us know and trust us to deliver it.

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